Struggling with change?

I can empower you to embrace change and experience joy in the process.

Zoe Transitions was birthed by Ramona Fernandes to empower people experiencing change.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to move forward toward your goals and dreams?

Do you want to recover your life, after surviving a disease or major surgery?

Are you ready to start a new life, after one filled with abuse?

Do you want to be successful and fulfilled again, after a distressing event?

Do you want to move past grief, after losing a loved one?

There are many traumatic experiences that challenge us to change. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions Recovery Coaching can help.

Zoe Transitions provides a customized approach to helping you find joy again, even when the road looks hard.

Through transition coaching, you receive direction, support, feedback and the environment you need to successfully navigate your changing life.

Certified Life Coach &

Certified Recovery Coach

Ramona Fernandes is a certified life coach and a certified recovery coach with Zoe Transitions. She equips clients with the tools they need to experience peace and joy while making progress toward wholeness. You can make a smooth transition from being stuck to becoming free and moving forward toward your life goals and dreams.

People who gain the most from Ramona’s services are those who recognize their need for support, those who are willing to invest the time required to learn, grow and grieve and those who are hungry to experience peace and joy in the process. Her clients are of all ages, races, ethnicities and backgrounds but all have one thing in common, each has experienced a major trauma, setback, or change in their life.

Ramona uses her passion, experience and faith as a way to support people through transitions from trauma, sickness, divorce, addictions or other major setbacks in their lives.

Many people avoid change or avoid making decisions because it means change is necessary or looming ahead. What does change look like for you?


When I spoke to Ramona for the first time, I considered her experience and wondered if it would be a good fit. What I found was that as coach, she has superb intuition. She made me feel completely safe and comfortable to be vulnerable.

Our work together has made me more clear on where I am supposed to be on my journey today. I am more confident with who I am and I am richer for having a new relationship with a like minded person.

Greg Boudle

CEO, LifeBeyondClean

I really enjoyed working with Coach Ramona. I learned a lot about myself in that I set big goals and then succeed partially, but my biggest limitation is the demands on my time. I really liked how Ramona worked with my style. She was very respectful, but also very helpful.

Some benefits I have noticed from our coaching time are clarity, an action plan, and increased confidence.  I would be happy to recommend Ramona as a Coach to someone who needed support during a transition or had a big change coming up or just needed a coach in general. Thank you again Ramona for your support!

Rose Sandoval

Consultant and Executive & Life Coach

Ramona teaches from the heart and people who hear her feel affirmed AND motivated. Fear often prevents change. It is people like Ramona, who speak into the fear with gentleness and a nonjudgmental attitude, that make change possible.

I would strongly recommend Ramona as a life coach and motivational speaker to anyone — whether you are looking for yourself personally, your family or your organization.

Margaret Hearth

MPCC-S, RPC, RN(np), W.I.N.G.S.

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