Are you a new mom who just had your first child…your life has changed forever in many sweet and beautiful ways and also in some challenging and new ways too? Maybe it has been a change that was not not expected and you have been trying to prepare but feel inadequate.

Are you a veteran coming home from war? Maybe it’s your first time home or maybe it’s not. Do you feel like the experience has changed you? Are you wondering about the challenges of adjusting to civilian life and how to navigate the transition?

Are you a survivor of a debilitating or life threatening disease. Is the news still fresh or are you in treatment already, or have you survived the worst. How has your life been impacted and what does the future look like?

Courageous Steps

Are you in recovery from addiction? You took such a bold and courageous step perhaps towards a life free from addiction.  And what does life look like for you now. What are your dreams, your vision for life ahead and the goals that will get you there.

Are you considering divorce, or just got divorced. What are the choices and challenges staring you in the face now. Your dreams , goals and losses have shifted your life beyond recognition.

Have you recently walked away from an abusive situation. You have begun to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  As you begin to view life in a fresh new way and test the possibilities just seem just beyond the horizon, have you wondered what life will look like and how to plan to move forward.

Peace in the Process

Have you recently lost a loved one. Has death or sickness impacted your life. Does life feel empty and purposeless.  Have you wondered if life will ever be the same again.  How would you fill the space left behind?

My own life experience has taught me that in order to successfully navigate change that stems from hurtful and emotionally volatile life circumstances, it is essential to have the right support through the process. After a lot of resistance when I made peace with the idea that in life change is constant, I decided that if life was constantly changing in different ways and often hurtful and sometimes very scary and new ways, I wanted to make sure I went through the transition with abundant joy and a deep inner peace.  I have but one life and I wanted to be engulfed with joy and peace in every moment of the process.

What We Will Do

Together, we will explore and sift out tools that you are comfortable with, tools that will support you in navigating transition.

You will bring all of your courage into play and be able to take the steps that are evading you, as I support you in the process.

You will move forward, whatever that looks like for you, with my help and support.

I will challenge you with questions that release answers from the depths of you.

Through my coaching process, you will move into a place of establishing a strong identity that becomes a solid stable foundation from which to build a life that will not be shaken— a joy filled life.

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