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Transitions Coaching Support

Transitions Coaching Support

Transitions Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people who are in or who are considering change.  I work to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations while simultaneously advancing through the process of change. The goal is to embrace change and to experience joy in the process.

Change looks different for everyone. It could look like recovery from addictions, putting your life back together after trauma, or dealing with grief.

I specialize in supporting people transitioning through trauma resulting from:

  • Violence and Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Major Illness
  • Grief
  • Loss (death, divorce, career or other life circumstance)

Stages of Change

People can be at different stages in the change process. You may be contemplating if change is even necessary, or feeling resistance, denial or discouragement. You may be facing conflict around these issues.

You may know you have a problem, but feel unsure or not ready to change and are feeling ambivalent, undecided, or stuck. You may feel that indecision is holding you back from moving forward.

In Transition Coaching, I will support you to learn more about the challenge or problem, help you to see any defenses you may be using to avoid pain and assist you in finding a community that supports your goals. You will be able see more clearly how to reduce the conflict you are experiencing in order to make the best decision for you.


Coaching support works by discovering what motivations work for you, by encouraging self assessment and creating hope about how different life will be when you reach your goal. When you are ready to face change and move forward, coaching support will help you increase your confidence, expand your vision or explore possibilities while helping you cope with fear and barriers.  I help you create a plan for change that works for you.

Much of our work together includes supporting you in a plan that counters and replaces negativity, creates empowering language, identifies your values and beliefs that work, and create a safe environment for you to process change.


Through Transition coaching you will accomplish forward movement and success. Once you have accomplished personal change goals, I don’t stop there. I also help support you to develop a maintenance plan to ensure lasting success and freedom.


Ramona Fernandes makes things that were not possible…possible!

Ramona is not only a ‘professional listener’, but she also seems to be a born listener.  She truly seems to enjoy being ‘of service’ to people in this way.

I have benefitted from her constant positive outlook, her reassurance, that I am moving ahead (at times when I feel I am not) and the way she mirrors everything I have said, and uses only what I have noted (in response to her questions) as what I am committed to doing, moving forward.  I also benefited from her explanation of how/why she will be holding me accountable, for what we have decided together, on the call.

As a result of working with Ramona I was able to immediately focus intention, had less ‘competitive noise’ and so I’ve been able to get out of my own way (in a number of areas).

Rita Dickson

BS, DipTESOL, MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Ramona is a result-oriented coach : she will make you move forward more than you thought you would! She is open, positive and supportive. I did a great work with her.

Anne Rotschi

Executive Coach, Elevating Coaching

Ramona was a very great coach. I found her direct coaching style very helpful to broaden my perspective, to think in a different way and get unstuck.  I felt comfortable speaking to her about a wide range of topics, because she is a knowledgable person and understood me.  She also understood my values for my life and I was able to make a lot of decisions by her coaching support. I became more productive, self aware and learnt to think deeply before taking steps in my planning process.

Hitomi Sato

Owner, Inspire You

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